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August 13, 2019


Hello everyone,
Jalapeno peppers are making their first appearance this season, one of several peppers we will be offering in the next few weeks. And you’ll notice it’s a meat week, featuring bacon. Therefore, it seemed logical to include a recipe for jalapeno poppers this week. Most of those recipes are similar regarding ingredients and preparation. Sara’s recipe for Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers includes a little seasoning mixed in with the cream cheese, which we all thought added a little something extra and complemented the flavor of the jalapenos.
If you’ve made jalapeno poppers several times already and would like to try something a little more challenging, consider the Celery, Corn and Bacon Chowder created by John Griffin. It also includes potatoes in the list of ingredients, so you would be using many of your share items in this one recipe! This offers a change of pace from all the grilling many of us have gotten used to in these last few weeks. (My husband appreciated the break.) Pair it with some crusty baguettes or French bread and your meal is complete.


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