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by | Sep 26, 2017 | CSA Member Updates, News from the Farmer

Only in Minnesota, right?  I probably do not even have to finish the sentiment for everyone to know what I mean, but I will anyway.  Only in Minnesota can you go from shorts, t-shirts and flip flops to full rain gear to hoodies, jeans and work boots in a 24 hour time span.  Gotta love it!  Looks like we are going to enjoy some great autumn weather this week.  Crisp mornings, sunny afternoons and cool evenings should take us through the remainder of this CSA season and really get us in the mood for all things Fall.  Only 4 more farm share boxes after this week, where does the time go!?

Our high and low points from the field this week both revolve around the rain!  Good news, everyone remembered their rain gear… bad news, tractors/wagons and mud do not make a great combination.

In this week’s share, you will still find some summer hold outs – sweet corn, green beans and cucumbers – oh my!  We still have about 35 acres of sweet corn left to pick, which will take us at least another week to two weeks out.  In prior years we would be wrapping up the sweet corn harvest this week.  The green bean harvest is typically done by September 15th, but with the cooler than average August weather we experienced, the green beans still look and taste great.  But be sure to get your fill because this will most likely be the last week you will receive green beans and cucumbers.

Kohlrabi is making another appearance in the share boxes this week…  it is the green alien looking vegetable with stems protruding out.  We harvest Kohlrabi by hand and it takes a crew of 25 people over 1 ½ hours to pick about ½ acre.  Kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family and the entire plant is actually edible.  Served raw, the Kohlrabi has a crisp, peppery taste – a little bit like a sweet radish.  It is also great roasted or used in stir fry and soup!

Looking ahead, we still have our last harvest event – the Pumpkin Pick!  Members will be invited out to the pumpkin patch during two weekends in October (14th & 15th or 21st & 22nd), enjoy a hayride and pick one free pumpkin per standard/teaser share and two free pumpkins per family share.  Details and directions will be provided in next week’s CSA newsletter.

Enjoy your share week!


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