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July 24, 2018

We are at lightning speed, no two ways about it. We have been working from sun up to sundown the last week and it looks like that’s the name of the game for a while.
A lot of our crops are right on schedule or in the case of sweet corn and cabbage, cannot be cut, packed and shipped fast enough! Simply not enough hours in the day.

Kohlrabi makes its way into the share boxes this week. It is one of my favorite crops to harvest, as it is very straight forward. We pull the entire plant, shave off the tap root, some of the leaves and it’s ready to be packed. The process to cut enough kohlrabi usually takes about two hours. Savoy cabbage, also in this week’s box, is simply a beautiful variety of cabbage.

How about the celery this week! What a great looking addition and a delicious snack and side for Sunday grill outs! A little blue cheese and you have it made! Brian Pahl and myself were in Yuma Arizona this past winter touring vegetable farms. We were able to experience field crews cutting celery and I wanted to apply it to our operation. We start by pushing the knife under the soil surface to separate the root from the stalks. We then cut to a manageable length and clean up the leaves. This process with a skilled cutter can be performed with exceptional speed.

This box is my favorite so far, variety wise and the absolute fine quality of the product that you will be receiving. Have a wonderful share week, I should be getting back to my crew!


Farmer Cole

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