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September 25, 2018

Cole in the Pumpkin Field

It seems the rain is giving us only a few brief breaks, and that is making it rather difficult to get the remainder of our crops out.

I can’t stress enough the importance of having dry conditions when we harvest pumpkins. The pumpkins grow on a vine and in turn the fruit (the pumpkin itself) spends its entire life lying on the dirt on one side. Therefore, there is always a spot of dirt on that side and it must be dry in order to brush it off and harvest it. If not, we have a messy pumpkin on our hands!

Squash, on the other hand, can generally be harvested wet or dry, as we wash all of our squash before applying the stickers and packing. But as I feel we would all agree, dry conditions make everything exceptionally easier.

Though it is raining today, we are harvesting peppers and cabbage as we were able to get a good amount of pumpkins out yesterday.

Here’s to clearing skies and an awesome CSA week!

-Farmer Cole

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