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by | Oct 2, 2018 | CSA Member Updates, News from the Farmer

Today we are picking peppers, and it will most likely be one of the last days of doing so because the impending cold weather is sure to put a stop to growth. Even though it doesn’t seem that we have been picking peppers for very long it has been quite the harvest this year. The amount of beautiful, large green bell peppers had us smiling from ear to ear!  We had timely rains this year and were diligent with our irrigating, keeping the plants well watered and healthy.  Regular hot and sunny days pushed the growth of new peppers along at an expedited pace and it seemed the string of full wagonloads never ceased.  Being that the past couple years of pepper crops had been less than great, a year like this was a very welcome relief, and how grateful we are indeed!  At this point in the season you may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all the peppers, but keep in mind they freeze very easily.  Simply rinse the peppers in cold water, clean out the seeds and membrane, slice or dice, flash freeze on a cookie sheet for about an hour and place in a freezer bag.  Peppers are great in soups, hot dishes and your favorite homemade chili!
The harvest continues today, mainly with our pumpkin crop.  Which reminds me, hope to see you all out in the pumpkin field soon!  The CSA pumpkin pick harvest event is scheduled for the second and third weekends in October (details below).

Have a great share week!
-Farmer Cole


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