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August 4, 2015

Cole Moldenhauer

Gary and myself were out in the field last night until 11pm firing up irrigators and putting water to sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. It’s funny considering the past few weeks we have had heavy rains that make harvesting difficult and have us saying some choice words. Now, if we got a nice steady 1/2 inch rain, you wouldn’t hear a complaint edgewise! One thing is for certain, Mother Nature sure has some mysterious ways. A break in the hot humid weather has made the days a bit easier on all of us in the fields and harvesting is going smoothly and efficiently day to day. The weeks are really going fast now, it seems like just yesterday I was writing this article for last weeks news from the field. This afternoon we will be starting more irrigators up and getting water to some much deserving fields.

Until next week,

– Cole Moldenhauer

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