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Lawn Maintenance


Fertilizer: A nice thick lawn needs fertilizer and a four 4 step fertilizing program is best for lawn care. The two most important steps are in the spring and fall. Spring fertilizing greens up the grass and kick starts the lawn. Fall fertilizing prepares the grass for dormancy during the winter. Crabgrass Prevention:  Warmer spring […]

April, It Grows Again!

Fairy Garden

April is the month of great change in our gardens. It is also a huge change at Pahl’s Market. We have the greenhouses filling up with beautiful plants and the market is bursting at the seams with all kinds of treasures. All of our favorite seasonal staff is returning and we begin again.

Soil Amendments

Pahl's Soil Amendments

Before the holes are dug, the plants planted and the mulch installed, stop and think about how the plants will react to the surroundings. Will they look lush, heavy with blooms and have intense fall color or will they be sparse, with few blooms, washed out fall color and look weaker by the year? Typical […]

Maintaining Your Tools

Landscape-Artilce-Pic (1)

The work day begins with you walking into the garage, past the snow blower, lawn mower, bikes, golf clubs, and landscape tools. The snow blower had a tune-up last fall, the mower has been cleaned up and blade sharpened, the bikes have been cleaned and polished, and the golf clubs have been spit shined… See […]

Growing From Seed


By Jackie Overom As we plan ahead for our Spring gardening fun many folks love to begin by deciding what to plant from seed.  By starting seeds indoors here in Minnesota zone 4, you can get a 4 to 6 week head start on the gardening season.  Some crops such as tomatoes and peppers will […]

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