“Corn and More”

By Jackie Overom As summer heat rises and we begin to harvest the vegetables we have nurtured, our favorite recipes will be enjoyed once again. Fresh produce is truly a summer delight. We would love to share a few of our favorite recipes with you. We are a fifth...

What’s Happening on the Farm?

By Gary Pahl Springtime, the days get longer and the anticipation of a great new year is on the horizon.  We have had plenty of time to fix and manufacture new equipment over the course of the winter.  So what is our spring plan on the farm? 1)      We have our soil...

First Peppers Planted

Many people don’t realize we are a produce farm too.  In fact Pahl’s is a fifth generation farm.  Here is a photo of the crew planting pepper seeds in our dedicated pepper greenhouse.  Once it warms up we will transplant them to our fields.  In fact most...
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