Roma Tomatoes

Roma tomatoes are in the class of plum or paste tomatoes.  This variety of tomato typically has a meaty flesh, few seeds, and is less juicy than other tomatoes, which makes them ideal for salsas and cooking down into a tomato sauce or paste. Their shape is an elongated egg-shape and they grow to about 3 inches long.  Bright red in appearance with smooth, thick skins, they have high sugar and acid levels.
Very high in vitamins A and C, Roma tomatoes are also a rich source of lycopene.  This is a naturally occurring pigment that gives tomatoes their red coloring and doubles as a powerful antioxidant known for its anti-cancer benefits, including preventing, fighting, and repairing cell damage within the human body, and for its ability to lower cholesterol.  Roma tomatoes are also a good source of iron and fiber, as well as potassium and the B vitamins, which are excellent for heart health.
Store Roma tomatoes at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.  Use ripe firm tomatoes immediately.  They also freeze well, for later use.

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