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Pie Pumpkins

Pie Pumpkin

Nothing beats the flavor of a pie pumpkin, with its sweet taste and smooth texture.  It provides the most vitamin A of all the common fruits and vegetables, and is also high in iron, potassium, and phosphorus.  Save the seeds–they are an excellent snack, offer additional nutritional benefits and can be seasoned a variety of ways. Store […]

Fruit Habanero Salsa

Fruit Habanero Salsa

Mike and Patty Hultquist, food writers who love all things hot and spicy, shared this recipe on their website, habaneromadness.com. They suggest serving their salsa as a shrimp topping or to accompany fish tacos. Ingredients: 2 Habanero peppers, diced 2 Jalapeno peppers, diced 1 small Mango, peeled and diced 4 ounces fresh Pineapple, chopped 1 […]



Important in Mexican cooking, the tomatillo, or husk tomato, has been under-utilized and not as well-known in this country.  It is the main ingredient in salsa verde, or green sauce.  When tomatillos are blended with the perfect combination of garlic, onion, hot chile peppers, lime juice, and fresh cilantro, all that is needed is a huge bag […]

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